Bill Dixon started shooting photography before he became a teenager as a hobby with his first camera being a Hawkeye Instamatic shooting 110 film. His family traveled during the summer, and he enjoyed growing up taking lots of pictures alongside his father who was an advanced photographer himself. Later, after joining the U. S. Air Force he traveled overseas and he taught himself to shoot 35mm photography. After getting out of the military, he upgraded to a digital camera and digital photography.

Photography is more of a hobby than it is a profession to Bill, however some of his photography has been sold, to various people. Many of his photos have been finalist in several photo contest. At the end of 2010 an evening shot of downtown Tampa’s skyline was published in the Florida Travel + Life magazine as the winner in the Cityscape category. His photos have been seen and used on several internet websites.

The reason he has decided to display his photography in a website is as he puts it, "If I am the only one who gets to see my photography, then it completely defeats my purpose for being a photographer. I hope this allows people to see the beautiful world that God has created from my point of view."

If you would like to contact Bill about how you feel about these photographs or even how to purchase a print of his work, he can be reached at Real_Images@Verizon.Net or at

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