Photo Links

My Butterflies and Moths of North America
The Butterflies and Moths of North America (BAMONA) project is ambitious effort to collect and provide access to quality-controlled data about butterflies and moths. The project is housed at Montana State University and directed by Kelly Lotts and Thomas Naberhaus. One of my photos has been added to this database. Look for my name at the bottom of the photograph for the copyright. (Look for the caterpillar)

My National Geographic Magazine Gallery
I have been trying to get some of my photos on the National Geographic magazine, which is not an easy thing to do. This is my gallery on their website.

My NTBC Photo Gallery
I also do a lot of photography for my church's website, photographing different special activities that happen. I didn't take all the photos in this collection of galleries, but as of May 22, 2012, I am responsible for ten of the thirteen photos galleries. The name of these galleries are "Mother's Day", "Missions Conference", "Winter Pictures", "Thanksgiving Week", "Dartts", "Baptisms", "Memorial Day Picnic" (Only the first 41 photos. The last 14 pics were taken by someone else), "Car Show" (which is the same car show featured on my website), "Squire Parsons", and the "50th Anniversary".

My Tamron 3D Gallery
Visit my new virtual 3D gallery.
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